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    Friday, September 21, 2007


    I thought I was doing good with my 5D and it's 3 frames per second!


    PS. This is my first video post!!! How cool is this!!

    Monday, September 17, 2007

    Chew on this!

    I was reading in Genesis, about Noah and the flood when, it got me thinking how deep the Ocean was at the time of the flood(Genesis 7:20).... Well I came up with this....

    If Mount Everest (29,028 ft. was the same height as it is now, at the time of the flood, then the depth of the water would've been 29,050.5 feet deep ( which is 5.5019886 miles)! (based upon the theory that one cubit is 18 inches). So, taking the deepest known part of the ocean today, Mariana Trench,(11"21' North latitude and 142" 12' East longitude, which is 35,840 feet deep) if the trench was that deep at the time of the flood and Everest was the same height as it is today, at the time of the flood, then the depth of the flood waters would've been 64,890.5 ft. (12.289867 miles and 28,890.972 pounds of pressure per square inch which is 875.484x your body weight which would make me weigh 153,209.7 pounds at that depth)! That's a lot of water! If all this is true then I have one question..... Where did all the water go!? :-P

    Just a little somethin' that got me brain-storming,


    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    I <3 Soccer

    The opportunity of a life time came to me just a couple weeks ago so I jumped on it. I work with Juan, right? You know, the guy from the last post?? Right, so I was listening to the Spanish station on the radio (don't laugh, and no, I don't undersand all of what they are saying but I was doing it for Juan OK? Gosh!) when Juan said (because even though I was listening really hard......... I still don't understand what they are saying) Brazil was gonna be playing USA on the 9th of September and tickets were going on sale! I practly jumped out of my skin! Two of the greatest teams in the world going head to head in my home town?!? Not to mention playing the sport that I love on a field that I love! Who could say no? I ravenously hunted down ways I could get a hold of these tickets and when I found them... I pounced. I had heard that these tickets could be upwards of $200 but I was willing to sell my right arm if that's what it would take (actually that's stretching the truth just a little, but I really did want a good seat). The really good seats (front row) were all sold out when I went to make my purchase so I had to settle for twelve rows back (I know what you're thinking.... I was willing to pay 200 bucks for one ticket but I setteled for twelve rows back!?) Lets be realistic, the twelveth row price was 60 bucks and they were right where I wanted to sit anyway so...... Yeah, I setteled but instead of taking only one other person with me.... I took three. Ha! Take that, you front row buying people! Basically I paid $60 a seat and the view was awesome.... The game was awesome.... The company was awesome..... The only thing that wasn't awesome.... I missed the last two goals because I was getting snacks and drinks (yes I'm not happy about that but it was still all worth it)

    Here are some shots from the game....

    Sunday, September 09, 2007

    Juan's Soccer Team

    I work with this guy who's name is Juan and he playes in this soccer league that meets on Sunday mornings so he invited me to come. After saying I'd come more than a couple times I finally did and these are some of the shots I got.

    This is Juan and the little boy in this post is his son....

    Monday, September 03, 2007

    Trusting His Heart

    Have you ever had one of those kind of days where God messes up your life (or I should say the life you think you have)? He has done this to me in recent days. It's the kind of messing up where you think your life is fine and your relationships are all good (or at least close to how you want them) and He (in His absolute wisdom) comes and says NOPE that's not how I want it. Truthfully I can say it's not a bad messing up (even though My feelings might tell a different story) because how can we as "the creation" ever complain about what He's doing and what gives us the right to think we are in control of our lives? And yet we do loose sight of His absolute wisdom, and we do think we are in control, so when He comes and says "I want you to go another way or give up this relationship and focus on Me" we are all upset and stop trusting His heart. This is (by far) the worst thing we can do and it's exactly what God's enemy wants us to do. When we are all upset at something God Himself "The creator of the universe" has said.... we are playing right into satan's hands. How do you think this makes "The lover of our souls" feel when His Bride (that's us) chooses His enemy. This can be likened unto a man's wife SLEEPING with another man and not just any man but one who is his enemy! (I'm sorry for the graphic language but it's the truth) I know for me that would make me FURIOUS!! (and I'm not even married yet, but I know I'd have thoughts of killing the other man; and justly so) I'm not here to tell you what you have to do but playing into "the enemie's" hands should make us sick... All I know is God can be trusted. In whatever situation your in, in whatever messed up spot you got yourself in or whatever place He's telling you to trust Him, His heart is always for you and He can always be trusted. I'm not just saying this to make you feel better or because I read this somewhere...... I'm living proof that He CAN be trusted! I must make the choice every day (sometimes every second) to trust that He knows what He's doing (because most of the time it doesn't make sense to my earthly mind) and whatever He tells me to do He's always right (no matter how I feel). I'm learning every day that God is God no matter what people say and my hope for you is that you open up your heart to trusting His