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    Wednesday, February 08, 2012

    Now this is funny!!!! (A lesson in Photography)

    Let me start by saying I think this video is hilarious! I've had similar things said to me while on photo shoots and in consultation sessions and it just makes me chuckle inside to see how uneducated the public truly is. Now, I love my clients; making conversation and educating them as to the reasons for my prices and all about what I do is very much a part of my business! In fact, THAT is my business! I do not market myself as a "photo producing machine". I am an artist, and if you want my ability to capture those special moments then it's going to cost you "this much". You see it's not about the photographs... it's about the personality of the photographer. In this day and age where SLR cameras are a dime a dozen they can be purchased at Sam's Club, Best Buy or any number of other stores that are not "professional camera gear retailers". Some think we have a problem because we have people buying them and thinking they are pros just because they have "the gear". I for one, am not inclined to disagree with them! Don't get me wrong, I don't think everyone who has an SLR is a pro, but having the right equipment is a good start to becoming one. Equipment is not the only thing that makes a pro, a pro; in fact, the camera is only a tool with which the pro photographer creates his masterpiece. Kinda like, just because you own a pair of scissors doesn't make you a hair stylist or, just because you own a sauce pan doesn't make you a chef. Many people think that in order to become a professional photographer you have to go to school and have lots of training. I'm sorry to disappoint those people by saying, the only thing that separates the pro from the armature is money. By money I mean, the pro is being paid for what he/she does the armature is not. Does that mean the photos from the pro are or the hair cut from the stylist or the sauce form the chef are better? NO! But the pro is the one the public pays. So, to the pro photographers out there I say; when your client says shtuff like you hear in this video, take a second and have some pride about what you do, they are trying to pay you a compliment. Take that opportunity to educate them, and realize they are paying YOU! I mean they could choose to pay anyone right? To the armatures and public out there.... (if I can steal the line a bit) Don't stop believing! It is from you and through you the future of photography is realized but, also take a moment and think about what you are saying before you say it.