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    Sunday, December 31, 2006

    SAPpy Party

    Last night Sarah took us (Mark, Debbie, Sarah Renee, Andrew, Natalie, herself and myself) to the Big Bowl Restaurant in Schaumburg for the Sarah Anne Photography Holiday Party.

    So we hear at Sarah Anne Photography are pretty much party animals (totally) and since Sarah is the boss she gets to pick up the tab (thank you Sarah!)..... No but seriously I'm very grateful to Sarah for putting on such a great party.....

    Here's some pics...........

    Saturday, December 09, 2006

    And the winner is....

    Well out of the THOUSANDS (or should I say 2) of you that "went out on a limb" and guessed...... One of you is correct (I think). Kevin Von Qualen you guessed: "vaulted ceiling of a church" which is correct but I was looking for which church and I don't know what a "Tron" is so I'll give you the win but not the prize (because there wasn't a prize anyway). Shyla gets the prize (even though there isn't one) for most interesting guess and the only one to include puke in their guess (great job Shy) lol.

    So the real answer is......

    The Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado (yay!)

    It's totally the coolest chapel I've ever seen.... But the coolest part is, it's entirely made out of pieces from aircraft wings!!!

    here's some pics.......

    Thanks for playing everyone!!!

    J@KE out. Booya!

    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    Guess What!

    No seriously guess what this is......

    Sunday, December 03, 2006

    Bust My Ride

    Today's show provided by I.C.E., Just say freeze and we are there....

    As I'm sure all you (in the Chicago area) know that we've officially had our first winter storm. This is usually met by mixed emotions from everyone....... Most people love the look of the snow but hate driving in it or don't like the cold or, or, etc.... You get the idea. Anyway, I'm one of those people who don't mind driving in it and I love the look of it but I also don't like it because I can't do my job (installing gutters) because of it (like I said mixed emotions)........ So this past Saturday I woke up at 7am and I was kinda having a cold so I took some medicine (with codeine) and went back to bed....... At 9:30am I woke up again this time to my Mom leaving a message on our home phone (from her car in front of our house!) saying the police are outside ready to give my car a ticket because it's on the wrong side of the street. ~*Our streets are so narrow we have to flip flop sides of the street when we get 2 inches of snow or more so they can plow*~ So half awake I threw on my coat and shoes (still in my jammies BTW) and ran out to my car to move it........ All was going well until I pulled forward and heard a HUGE crunch! I jumped out and to my GREAT disappointment I found this.......

    But wait there's more..... So I try to pop it back into place and I got the part around the fog light back but I couldn't do the undercarriage with my bare hands and I thought instead of braking it I'll just take it into the dealer and see if they can do it (hopefully for free?). They probably have the tools and the "know how" to do it and I'd rather not brake it and then have to pay for it when they can do it.......(Even if I do have to pay). So there I go off to the dealer...... When I got there the place was packed so I knew I had to wait....... After quite a while they got to my car..... After looking at it they called me into "the shop" and told me basically they did everything they could, but they couldn't get it back into shape. So after waiting 3 hours they are telling me there's nothing they could do!!!!!!!! Needless to say I was "not happy"..... I didn't even want them to wash my car (which is for free). All I wanted was to get out of there and try to fix it myself (because there ain't no way I was gonna go riding around in a ghetto ride all busted and stuff). I get home and LESS THAN 10 minutes later, all is well..... (Except for a VERY small crack in the bumper).

    The moral of this story is.... If you are moving your car to the other side of the street where the plow came the day before leaving huge chunks of ice and you pull forward resulting in the bustage of your ride......... First check with your dealer (even if they are idiots) and when they say "there's nothing we can do" go home, pull out the crowbar and fix it yourself. ;-)


    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Friendly Squirrels

    My friend Pat was very intrigued when he learned the squirrels that live in our neighborhood would (if you offered) come up to you and eat right out of your hand! I think his exact words were....... NO!! Are you serious? When I asked if he wanted to try....... Let's just say he was really excited!

    Anyway here's some pix of him feeding the squirrel.........

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Will shoot for money

    so the other day I was asked to shoot a family for money.... The "full" story is on my other blog if you want to check it out. ;-)

    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Audrey Elisabeth Weber

    My good friends Tim and Karen just had their baby girl on the 9th.

    Here she's three days old.

    I got to hold her (whatever I was laughing at I can't remember)

    What a cutie!

    And these are from yesterday.....