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    Monday, December 31, 2007

    My first cousin once removed

    Gabriel Thomas is my cousin's new baby and I finally got a chance to get a look at him last night... He is such a cutie!

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    Here are the pics.......

    Friday, December 28, 2007

    Todd&Shaina Wedding

    Well who would've thought you could shoot a wedding and edit the pictures all in one day.... Thanks to my sister for letting me use her Mac book I can. That's right people you are the witnesses to practically a miracle in the photography world. I Jacob Preedin have just shot a wedding today (the first on on my own I might add) that ended at 4:30pm and am now posting my pics (I still have to get the pics from my two other shooters but that is another story)..... Fully edited I'm proud to say! This is truly an accomplishment for me...... Anyway, enough about me..... This day belonged to Todd and Shaina and that is why I'm writing this now. I've known Todd and Shaina for a while now (like I said in their Engagement post). I can't really remember how long ago but it has been a few years and I'm truly blessed to be the one they chose to do their wedding photos. They truly are perfect for each other and I pray that God blesses their marriage for ever and ever!!! I love you guys!

    Here are the Photos..........