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    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Technical difficulty

    Well I was experiencing some difficulty with this blog by way of..... I couldn't see it!!! I know talk about wired. Anyway I couldn't see the page at all, all I could see was a blank white page with the blogger heading so I was like this is NOT good. What happened is I wanted to start up a new blog (J. Edgar Photography) so I did that and I thought wouldn't it be cool for me to have links on both blogs to the other blog...... Well this is where my computer ninja skills came in...... I hacked into my template (I didn't really hack because there's a little folder at the top of the page that says template so I clicked {but hacked sounds way cooler}) and went down to the side bar content where it said links........ Are you feelin' the suspense??? I cut and pasted a couple times so I could just change the addresses and poof it'd be perfect but....... It seemed that I used my nun-chuck skills a little too much because I totally hacked up the template somehow and I ended up with a blank blog. {this is where it gets good}

    Dun duh da da! Mark Collins to the rescue!!! Ok, so if I'm the stupid computer ninja hacking up the place, Mark is like the Jedi Master using ancient wisdom and the force to get the job done! He totally reset my template and saved the blog!!!

    Thank you Mark Collins (hero in disguise), I could've never done it without you......


    PS. You're so the man!

    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    "Never argue with an idiot"

    "Never argue with an idiot; they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

    ~ anonymous

    I just saw this and thought it's soooooo true.......... That's all ;-)


    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    What's the deal?!?!!!

    So my camera is still broke but it's being sent in to canon so I hope all goes well and I bought the extended warranty (I'll have to keep my fingers crossed on that one :-). So I'm not shooting right now...... Which means I'm totally going crazy!!!!! But anyway I've been busy with the (somethin' like 30,000) pictures I have, color correcting and distributing them to friends ;-)

    So I'm working on pictures and all is going well until I try to put them on a portable 2G jump drive! I'm not sure what I did wrong but I think the thing just didn't like my computer and I'm pretty sure my computer felt likewise...... The moral of the story is it took me like 4 hours to get the amount (like 200 something) of pictures on there that I did and I wasn't even finished when I realized........ I should've just put them all on CD and been done with it! It worked (thank the Lord)! Now everyone is happy........ Except............ My computer! That's right folks not only did my camera brake this week but now my computer won't let me get to my pictures........ Do ya think God is trying to say something to me???? Honestly I don't know.... But it's gotta be something like that bcause the only thing left to go wrong in the way of photography for me is my camera-phone........ And that's just sad. :_(

    Whelp, God you have my heart and my stuff too so, do with it what You please,


    PS. I need to clarify that it's NOT my friends fault that my computer is stupid right now and even though my computer is stupid right now........ Mac's rule!!! boo-ya!!!!

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    My baby's brokeded

    So I'm shooting my brother with some of our friends playing a gig at a local coffee house/hangout place by my house........

    and then......

    So what do you make of this??? And how do I fix it????????? I need HELP!!!!!!