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    Monday, October 26, 2009

    Oh my GATO!!!!

    It's really kinda mean but it's funny they are laughing so hard.... LOL


    This is just really amazing!

    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    Wow this will get ya....

    You might want to have the kleenex near by.... Just sayin...

    Leave Me from Daros Films on Vimeo.

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Worst Day EVER!!!!

    So like a little more than a month ago I got a ticket in my work truck for improper lane usage. What happened is the gas station that my company has an account at is at the first light on Rt 83 just north of I55 and this particular day there were a lot of cars sitting at the light... Now it's a three lane road with a right and left turn lane so that's like 5 lanes.... Yeah anyway it's a lot of space and still the traffic was backed up pretty bad. So I noticed the Right turn lane was a few car lengths in front of me but no one was turning right, so I thought that it would be OK if I go on the shoulder for just a little ways.... I was WRONG! I guess there was a cop sitting right there and he gave me a ticket to the tune of $75, which isn't bad but I could have used that for something else. Now this is where the fun begins. I get the ticket and whatever have to pay it within 14 days of getting it or I'll have to show up in court... Knowing me (if any of you really know me) I sent it in on the 14th day which just happened to be a Saturday(which means the payment would really get in the mail until the next Monday). Within a couple days I receive a notice I have two tickets on my record (the other one was from 12-13-08 which was a 5 over the limit ticket right by my house! So stupid!) and if I get another one within 12 months of the first ticket they'll suspend my license for 3 months so I don't want to do that..). I'm thinking "Oh that's great and just what I need right now!" So then right after I got the notice of my two tickets I get another notice that I need to show up in court on today's date at 1pm. Now I'm thinkin "Oh man I must have to go to court because of the two tickets" whatever, I did break the law and need to pay the price so I tell my boss I need today off (which kinda worked out because they didn't work anyway... Because of this stupid rainy weather). I had to take my sister to school and on my way back from dropping her off I ran by the DeWalt repair store where they were fixing my two hammer drills. On my way to court from there I was getting on I290 from Rt83 and not paying attention I ran over this GINORMOUS pothole! Seriously out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a little Chinese man duck down the hole right before I hit it! Anyway so it totally ripped a 3 inch hole in the sidewall of my tire! so not only is it rainy and crappy out but now I have to change my tire because if I wait for roadside assistance I'll be late for court(which at that point I still thought I had to go to)..... I change my tire and get on my way but not before getting all wet!!!! (in my nice "court" clothes I might add) Ugh!!! I get to the court house and find out that I don't even have to be there(which was and still is a relief). I leave there (as soon as I possibly could :) and start on my way back home..... On my way.... My CD player in my car just stops working!!! It was switching from one CD to another all by itself (like it does all the time) and then it just gives me this message.... CDC HARDWARE ERROR...... I'm like "PERFECT!!! What is gonna break on me next!!!!!!!"..... Oh well, ya win some and ya lose some.... What can you do? God is still on the throne and I'm not too upset now that I repented for getting upset and made the choice to trust God. He has a plan for me even in all this stupid stuff happening. The moral of the story is don't be upset by the things that happen in your life.... But when you are.... Just ask Him to take it and give you His peace. :D

    PS I'm getting my new tire Monday or Tuesday and my CD Player is being looked at tomorrow so all will be worked out in due time. :D Trust HIM! :D

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Superchic[k] Concert

    this is just a quick update for those who are the faithful few still following my blog.... I'm truly so sorry for not updating sooner but I'm gonna do better (I hope) in the future.... :D

    I had the awesome privilege to go to the Barlow Girl/Superchic[k] Concerts in both St Charles IL and Valpo IN if you have Facebook then check here..... Face Book Photos of Superchic[k]

    If you don't have FB and still want to see some of the better ones.... Look here..... :D