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    Thursday, April 27, 2006

    Death in the family

    I haven't posted in a while because....... Well the title kinda speaks for it's self. The truth is... He wasn't part of my direct family but rather my VERY close (as close as you can get without being blood) church family; in fact he was the pastor (the father of our "family" since 1973). He poured his life into me, my family and a bunch of other families in our little community. He was like a second father to me and it has broken my heart to see him go. I know it's always hard to see someone you love go but I just didn't think he would go so soon. His death while being untimely was also unexpected. You see He was only 53 and now will miss seeing the last of his children get married and his fifth grandchild come into the world. Yet all that he will miss down hear can not compare to the riches and glory he is experiencing right now. The thought of Him enjoying every moment pain free in the presence of his Creator is what gives me hope. I am now challenged to continue and carry on His legacy to the generations that come after me. It has been my privilege to know this man and be excepted into "his family". He is truly missed already.......

    A Friend of God March 2, 1953 - April 16, 2006


    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    CUBS lose :-(

    Today we (Zeke, Naomi, Phil and I) went to the CUBS game. We got there in the top of the second inning and the Cubbies were already losing 2-0 needless to say we were not pleased nor were the rest of the 36,708 fans (excluding of course the Reds fans and apparently a sox fan or two. What the!!!)

    The moral of the story is....... CUBS LOSE and a bitter loss it was.

    We still had fun though as you can see (Me stuffing my face with the most packed hotdog on the planet!) here.....
    Phil "wolfed" his dog down before I got to shoot.
    (I didn't get a good shot of Zeke unfortunately but I had plenty in the last post so hopefully that makes up for it)

    Hay that's my camera! Well just like it anyway!
    I gotta get me one of these
    I shot some fun while YMCA was playing

    We needed more of this

    but it wasn't 'till the 8th that we even scored and at that we only got one.... Quite disappointing. In the ninth we got another but that's all the ol' boys could muster.

    All I can say is WHAT THE!!!!!! I've done some strange (some might even say wired) things but WOW this one takes the cake!!

    Truth be told this isn't that bad but I just thought it funny for a some what older male person to have a flower in their ear!!!!

    Monday, April 10, 2006

    Give Blood.Play Hockey.

    Ok so I'm a really active person. I like all kinds of sports, from golf to NASCAR, even rugby and fishing. Among all the sports that I like hockey is pretty close to the top. I guess I should clarify....... ROLLER HOCKEY is one of my favorites; not that ice hockey is bad it's just that I have never played before. I think I'd like to play on ice but I just never have..... Yet! Anyway Roller hockey is one of the sports that I grew up playing so...... "Back in the day" I would get together with friends and we'd just shoot around or go to some park (that had a rink) and jump in on a game. As I got older life didn't allow me to get together with my friends as much so it became rare that we got to play. To make a long story short....... I got to play this weekend!!(after about two years of not playing). It was great fun!!!! My friends and I went to Spring Rock Park along with some of the "rising stars" (AKA "the little kids" that range in age from 12 to 16) in our church and played. The reason for the title is..... Well..... My baby brother (he's 22 years old 260lb and taller than me but still "my baby brother"); Ok so maybe I should say my younger (I only have one brother) brother got Phil long's (say hi to Phil) stick to the face, so I got some pics.... He has like five or more stiches in his lip and one in his eye. Yah baby!!!

    Saturday, April 08, 2006

    Super Birthday

    So I went to My friend Nick's 21 birthday party....

    That's not so strange except that he decided to make it a super hero/super villain themed party. Requirements were to pick your favorite hero/villain and dress like them.......... Like duh, but some took this to extremes..... Easy with the "tighty whities" "Quail Boy" Oh boy!!!! Shield the children's eyes!!!!

    Others actually looked pretty good.... Kinda.

    Activities included........ A dance by the birthday boy....... I mean testing cape flow-ability.....

    Super power arm wrestling........

    Flight testing........

    and Super Limbo!!!!!!!!

    What's a party without presents????? (And in keeping with the theme)

    Kriptonite!!!!!! dun dun daaaaaaaaaa. And that pretty much finished off "The Man of Steel".

    Now I know what you're thinking...... 21 and a themed birthday????????? What the!!!!!!!! I thought that too, at first, but if you get past yourself (for two seconds) you'll realize that we all are kids at heart and having a little good clean fun (and a little insanity) is warranted from time to time.


    Monday, April 03, 2006


    I know it's been a while since I've posted but "life" doesn't always give you an opportunity to do these things.... Anyway I went to a Superchick concert on Wednesday (3/29/06). For those who don't know who that is...... They are a band (that's revelatory I know) that started as a garage band the Chicago area and now they are pretty BIG TIME (at least on the Christian "punk" scene). So I went...... I took two of my sisters (Kathryn and Naomi) and not as a cover so I could go either, but because they really wanted to go. Truth is I've been a Superchick fan ever since I first heard them on a sample CD (and I don't even know when that was but it was at least a few years ago). The song was Barlow Girls. A song about "the Barlow girls" and how they are choosing to NOT date, and how much all the boys in the band want a Valentine from them because of this. It's kinda funny but really cool both at the same time!

    So yah! being the (aspiring) photographer that I am I took some pictures (with my cousin's lens 70-300 *no image stabilizer*) and I thought you might like to see.