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    Tuesday, May 26, 2009

    it's been a while.....

    This is what I look like when our picknic gets rained out on Twitpic

    basically I just needed to post something on here so that I don't get excommunicated from the blogosphere. Life has been crazy lately.... I really don't have the time or words to explain it better than that but just know that the only reason (besides I'm lazy sometimes) I haven't posted is because I just don't have the time... plus I have so many things I want to post I just don't know where to start.... UGH I didn't know life would be this hard but I'm learning alot from it so I guess that's good.... :D Until next time I get inspired (or have a free second more like) Blessings and peace on you all. *the pic is from this weekend's Memorial Day Picknic that got rained out.... what a bummer! oh well...